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Jungle Vindicator - Ulario's Online Sketchbook
A Gryphon's Answer to a Daily Sketch Effort
Jungle Vindicator
I spent a few days last week with a high fever. During that time I spent most of the time playing Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. It's an old game, but still one of my favorites.

The forest realm in that game is not one of my favorites to actually play through since the levels are long and difficult... but they are one of my favorites to look at. I particularly like the Acid Swamp level, since the mix between Mayan and Polynesian decor is visually interesting.

That's where this gal comes in. The lizardmen generals in the game wear helmets that look like Triceratops skulls. It reminded me that I've never actually attempted to draw a triceratops before.

She is clothed in the skins of the animals she hunts and wears sacred mud as tribal warpaint. She defends the ancient ruins of the forest floor.

Jungle Vindicator
by *ulario on deviantART


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