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Shia-Lynn Character Sheet - Ulario's Online Sketchbook
A Gryphon's Answer to a Daily Sketch Effort
Shia-Lynn Character Sheet
My dA/FA watchers probably remember this character from my "Year of the Rabbit" picture for the 2011 Chinese New Year.

She was originally meant to be a one time use character for that picture, but even now I still get e-mails asking me to draw that character again. So yeah, I decided to make her into one of my "official" characters.

I didn't really have many details in mind for her when I first drew her, so all details about this character were made up and built around that first initial picture of her.

However, in the future when I create a one-time character that people want to see more of, I may just end up auctioning off the character design. o_O

Shia-Lynn - Character Sheet
by *ulario on deviantART

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