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What the Fur? - A recap - Ulario's Online Sketchbook
A Gryphon's Answer to a Daily Sketch Effort
What the Fur? - A recap
So the furry convention known as "What the Fur?" is now over!

This was my second furry convention... and the first one where I was a dealer. Azarus and I worked as a team at our table. In short, I had a blast. For a first year convention I was surprised at how many were there!

From the business end of things, I did quite considering that it was such a small convention and I had some stiff competition from the dealer's room. Well known artists who have been doing cons for years were there so I was pretty much the con newbie. Nethertheless, I completely sold out of art books at the beginning of the second day and I think I sold more prints there then I ever have at any other event! Even all the things that I had in the art show were auctioned off at decent prices (Which I have to giggle at because I pulled everything that I had in the show out of my ass the day before the con because I forgot that I was even in the show until last minute).

From the non-business end...

I really had a lot of fun with the other people on my side of the dealer's room. I met a lot of nice people and made a few new friends including Heather Bruton, HollyAnn, Shiro, Sandy Schreiber, Shiro, Laha and Kimba (Kimba, next time I'm driving through the Toronto area Az and I will so stop by for a visit!).

I think I even semi converted my hubby to the fandom in the sense that he wants to start drawing furries and come sell things at cons with me!

Crazy antics of the weekend include but are not limited to:
* Running through the streets of downtown Montreal in my fursuit.
* Sandy Schreiber dancing at her desk to me (very badly) singing Christopher Walkin's SNL version of "You say potato".
* Lots and lots of mention of the Hypnotoad... which resulted to me wearing my hypnotoad shirt to the second day of the con.
* Picketing outside of the Ops room to get our moneys for art sales.
* Chocolate social with dozens of unique flavors of fine chocolate... sea salt chocolate is surprisingly addictive!
* Several occasions where I was laughing so hard that my eyes were running like faucets.

I've been to several types of cons... but fur cons are always my favorite. The people there are so funny and nice. I know it was only my second futty con but both of them that I've gone to I've just had so much fun!

Thanks to the chairman, Feli as well as the rest of the staff for all their hard work pulling it together! I look forward to attending it again next year!


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