The Summoning

The resulting picture of my "Lets Build a Picture" Polls. The winning poll results were Phoenix, Dragon, Ruins, Blue/Black and Magic".

I love phoenix. They're my third favorite mythical beasts... right after gryphons (duh!) and ki'rins. I'm glad one of the winning results was phoenix. :p

If your curious, the poll options with the least amount of votes were lion, red panda, yellow/white, meadow and foreign lands. No, I will not be doing that picture... if anything because yellow and white are my two all time LEAST favorite colors to work with and I think they look like a butt sandwich together. >_<

The Summoning
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Devious Journal Entry

Zebra: The other, other, OTHER white meat!
Zebra: It's whats for dinner!

A bit of personal art that I've done while waiting for others to get back to me about art that I owe them. This is me getting slightly out of my "comfort zone" since this type of pose is very difficult for me to draw.

Clothing texture by Trippy-CS
Grunge texture for the sky by NinStock
Grass tutorial by megaphones

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Devious Journal Entry

Picture done for fun to make sure all my electronic equipment made it throught the move without breaking. Obviously it did... lol.

I've always admitted openly that I'm not a dog person (Foxes being the exception... I do have a soft spot for them as my childhood "fursona" was one). Personally, I've never understood why most people find them so appealing. Those faux native American wolves I see popping up on most art sites are very beautiful to look at, but honestly I find them a bit overdone. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes by saying that, just a personal opinion. >_>

That's where this gal comes in. I wanted to take my own spin on a wolf character... try to do something a little more unique then a lot of the other wolves I've seen out there.

Her colors and markings are directly based off of the suntiger tarantula:
Also, made her clothes a bit Euro-Fantasy.

Suntiger Wolf
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Xicohtencoatl - Character Sheet

Xicohtencoatl's finished character sheet. I wanted to get this done before the next round of the Fantasy Xchange.

This character has been a work in progress for the last few months, so I've been spending a good deal of time with designing her appearance and personality.

I spent a few years studying Mesoamerican culture back in my college days, so she is completely based on Aztec mytology and actually surrounds authentic historical figures, gods, and dates. Her weapons are also 100% authentic.

Xicohtencoatl - CharacterSheet
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Devious Journal Entry

The witch who inhabits the rainforests around Teotihuacan. Xicohtencoatl becan her life as the daughter of the Aztec chief, Axayacatl. When her father tried to marry her off to a man she did not love, she prayed to the gods that they would stop the marriage.

Coatlicue, the goddess of the earth responded to her in a dream and informed her that she would prevent the marriage if Xicohtencoatl would devote her soul to the goddess.

Xicohtencoatl agreed, and the goddess told her that if she was to travel to the lost Temple of the Serpent and bathe in the fountain, then all her troubles would dissapear.

Apon bathing in the sacred waters, she began to change. Her body became serpentine and feathers sprouted from her head and spine. Her marriage problems would soon be a thing of the past...

Concept art for my new Quetzalcoatl based naga character, Xicohtencoatl. Her backstory needs to be refined, but this is more or less the final design for her appearance. She is meant to be a character that is not derived from my fictional universe OR any other existing works, but rather an actual world mythology. I studied Mesoamerican culture for two years in my college days, so Aztec mythology was a natural choice for me. \

This picture if of her main form, an anthropomophic serpent based on the god, Quetzalcoatl. She also has a full quetzalcoatl form (basically the same as the picture minus the human parts) and a beautiful dark skinned Aztec woman (with some snake features... such as the ability to unhinge her jaw).

Personality-wise, she is a hunter. The rainforest is her territory and any living creature that wanders onto it is fair game for the hunt. In other words, she sees humans as being no different from a deer or rabbit. She is adorned with gold jewelry, but if one wants to draw a more R-rated picture of her, she can be seen wearing a necklace of human hands and hearts... like the one worn by the goddess, Coatlicue.

She speaks Nahuatal (The native Aztec language), Spanish (From observing the Conquistadors), and English (From observing modern day tourists and eco-groups).

And here's a few random things about her since I have a feeling that someone will ask.

How do you pronounce her name?
"Shi-co-ten-co-at". It's derived from the Nahuatl words "Xicoa" (Angry/Jealous) and Coatl (Serpent).

What is the weapon she is holding?
It is a Macuahuitl. Basically a flat wooden club with obsidian blades in the side. Nastly weapon... capable of decapitating a horse. To see one in action, there was one used in the "Aztec Jaguar vs Zande Warrior" episode of the TV show Deadliest Warrior (6:50 for the Macuahuitl... NSFW because of blood):
The weapon on her belt is a run of the mill obsidian sacrificial dagger. She also uses other Aztec weaponry, which I'll explain in more detail when I eventually get around to doing a character sheet for her.

Xicohtencoatl - Concept
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Jungle Vindicator

I spent a few days last week with a high fever. During that time I spent most of the time playing Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. It's an old game, but still one of my favorites.

The forest realm in that game is not one of my favorites to actually play through since the levels are long and difficult... but they are one of my favorites to look at. I particularly like the Acid Swamp level, since the mix between Mayan and Polynesian decor is visually interesting.

That's where this gal comes in. The lizardmen generals in the game wear helmets that look like Triceratops skulls. It reminded me that I've never actually attempted to draw a triceratops before.

She is clothed in the skins of the animals she hunts and wears sacred mud as tribal warpaint. She defends the ancient ruins of the forest floor.

Jungle Vindicator
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Shia-Lynn Character Sheet

My dA/FA watchers probably remember this character from my "Year of the Rabbit" picture for the 2011 Chinese New Year.

She was originally meant to be a one time use character for that picture, but even now I still get e-mails asking me to draw that character again. So yeah, I decided to make her into one of my "official" characters.

I didn't really have many details in mind for her when I first drew her, so all details about this character were made up and built around that first initial picture of her.

However, in the future when I create a one-time character that people want to see more of, I may just end up auctioning off the character design. o_O

Shia-Lynn - Character Sheet
by *ulario on deviantART

Storm Lord

"After rain, the forest's sleek,
Between the pines, the moon startles my heart.
I smile and think of home,
A foreign guest in a foreign land. " - Yue Fu, After Rain

This picture originally started as a quick sketch that I was doing while watching Nostolgia Critic reviews. Those that really know me knows that I can't just sit and watch TV/Movies/Videos/Whatever without drawing because I need to keep my mind busy.

It's more or less my take on a traditional chinese dragon done in a similar style to several dragon pictures I did around the 2006-07 time period.

I decided to color him to give me something to do while waiting for a few clients to get back on me about their commissions. Once again, I tried a more limited color palatte with this picture. I am mostly happy with the results.

The Storm Lord
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Updates 3/21/2011

So it's been a while since I've posted an actual life update.

If you haven't seen one of my more recent journal entires on dA/FA, Azarus, my (Canadian) hubby has hit a rather hard financial brick wall with his insurance company and workplace. I'm not going to discuss it publicly, since I don't think it's something the public needs to know about... but I will say that I'm trying to get him out of the area because if we stay here we'll probably be financially screwed in six months time.

I started doing his initial paperwork for US immigration a few weeks ago and today I just got confirmation today that it's being processed. I'm sending out additional paperwork for him to get a K-3 Visa (a temporary visa that will allow him to come back to the US with me while the rest of the paperwork is being processed). If all goes well without any complications his papers will be finalized and he'll have his Greencard in early-mid fall. **crosses fingers**

I'll be heading back to the states in June. That means that, I will probably stop taking commissions for a little bit during that time while I get everything situated there.

The financial disaster was a hard hit for us, but it did get us to get our butts moving and start getting his paperwork in order. We always planned on moving back to Michigan, but I didn't think it would be so soon.