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Storm Lord - Ulario's Online Sketchbook
A Gryphon's Answer to a Daily Sketch Effort
Storm Lord
"After rain, the forest's sleek,
Between the pines, the moon startles my heart.
I smile and think of home,
A foreign guest in a foreign land. " - Yue Fu, After Rain

This picture originally started as a quick sketch that I was doing while watching Nostolgia Critic reviews. Those that really know me knows that I can't just sit and watch TV/Movies/Videos/Whatever without drawing because I need to keep my mind busy.

It's more or less my take on a traditional chinese dragon done in a similar style to several dragon pictures I did around the 2006-07 time period.

I decided to color him to give me something to do while waiting for a few clients to get back on me about their commissions. Once again, I tried a more limited color palatte with this picture. I am mostly happy with the results.

The Storm Lord
by *ulario on deviantART


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